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Community Groups

community groups logo Because much of God’s grace flows to us through other people, we believe Christians experience authentic biblical community through small group environments.  Whether its in someone's home, a coffee shop, or playing basketball, we want to provide many opportunities for people to connect with one another.   

How do I get involved in a Community Group?

  1. Attend Discovery Point. Discovery Point is an introductory class that provides you the opportunity to get to know us, while giving us the opportunity to get to know you. 
  2. Personal connection – join a group where you already know someone.
  3. Group Link – Two times a year, we have a community group emphasis which encourages people to connect with a group.  We set up an area in the back of the gym to answer questions about community and help people connect with a group.  This usually takes place after church. 
  4. Community Groups  – The "community groups" link below provides a summary of all our groups. If you would like more information about a group, please contact the group leader.
  5. Community Group Interest Form – Take a moment to fill out the form below.  The information you provide will help us connect you with a group. 

Community Groups icon                 community group form