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Spiritual Growth Strategy

growth-tree[1]Whether you’re new to the Christian faith, returning to church after being away for a while, or you’ve been a Christian for many years and simply need to reconnect with the essentials of the faith, we’re glad you visited this page. No matter where you are in your journey with God, our hope is that the following information will help you grow to trust and serve Him.

Growing in your relationship with God works best when you are doing the things that allow it to work.  There is no special formula to follow, but the following areas will provide the best process to help you grow in your faith.

  • Begin with the Bible.  The best place to discover God is in the Bible. Use the resources on this website to help you get started reading and studying your Bible.
  • Pray.  Your words matter to God.  Prayer is one the most magnificent invitations God extends to us. 
  • Worship and study with other Christians.  Its important to find a church in your area that you can connect with.  When you search for a church, visit church websites. You can learn what a church believes and what's most important to them.  Avoid disappointment in the long run by looking at the church's statements of faith and make sure they effectively teach the Bible. It may take several visits before you get a feel for a particular church.  Above all else, pray and ask God to reveal where you should worship.  
  • Serve in a ministry that brings attention to God and fulfilment to you.  Most churches have ministries where people can use their gifts and abilities to help others. Ask a church leader if they offer a class or training to help people discover where they could serve.